Nine Month Baby

(For the record, I cannot believe that she’s officially been out as long as she was in. I feel like she was just born last month.)

Hadley’s new discoveries during month nine: the “Army man” crawl technique, the local indoor swimming pool, hearing the word “no” when trying to get into the trash can or Daddy’s Wii storage drawer, pulling up to her knees on things, making b sounds, p sounds and t sounds (still no Mama), and mastering the sippy cup

Things that suck about month nine: the word “no” has little to no affect on changing current behavior, a baby that’s currently terrified of being left alone to sleep in her Pack n’ Play, a baby that bites while nursing, and a baby that eats like a truck driver (great for growing, bad for Mommy’s free time away from making baby food)

Mommy’s favorite things about month nine: watching Hadley hit all of her developmental milestones, seeing the look of glee spread across her face when she finally gets one of our phones, having a baby that now dances to music, finding enough hair on her head for hairbows (HOORAY!), and having a girl who really loves her Mama.

I love you too, Jane. You’re the best adventure ever.

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