Way Excited for Christmas

This is our first full-sized, fully decorated Christmas tree. It turns out that spending a couple years in a country that has overpriced, hard-to-cart-home Christmas decorations can turn 20 somethings into Christmas crazed weirdos upon returning to Kansas.

It began the day after Thanksgiving. Not only did I awake at 2 AM to join my sister and her friends for Black Friday shopping (they’d been out all night with no sleep), but after we finished, I picked up Aaron and we continued going nuts on all things festive and fun.

We bought a new tree, stockings, tree skirt, wall decor, light up penguins for the front yard and got out all of the decorations that we bought at the after Christmas sale in Kansas last year while we were home. And we didn’t stop there. We took everything out and decorated the whole house before I finally collapsed from exhaustion.

I even brought the decorations that we couldn’t put in our house to my cubicle at work.

It’s only been December for seven days. If it snows soon, we may go insane with all the excitement in this house.

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